We unlock the potential of real‑world evidence

We collect proprietary patient-generated data in a regulatory-grade way and combine these with other validated data sources in order to address specific questions along the entire healthcare value chain.

Our Vision

Our vision at Temedica, the company behind Permea, is to craft the future of personal health by breaking new ground in digital health. To this end, we deploy digital health technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our technology mix changes the traditional “one-size-fits-all“ healthcare model, and provides our clients with extraordinary insights to challenging questions regarding patients and treatment approaches.



Unique insights

At Permea, we collect longitudinal patient-generated data with a high temporal resolution and level of granularity in a regulatory-grade way through medically validated questionnaires, alongside wearable and sensor-based data collection technologies. Supported by our solutions and algorithms, we ensure that you receive uniquely analytical insights that meet your specific needs.



Data Connections


Patient Generated Data


Scientific and approval data


Prescription & Sales Data


Public Voices


Other health data

Life Science Value Chain

We are specialists in life sciences, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and software development. We combine patient-generated outcomes with multiple other data types such as medical records, market data, social media insights, scientific publications, trial outcomes, HTA results and a variety of further healthcare-related data to provide actionable insights that really matter. 

Accelerate data-driven decisions with real-world patient insights

  Real-time data access
  Impactful insights
  Customized analytics

The protection of patients’ personal data is at the heart of every action for Permea

It goes without saying that all that we do is GDPR compliant — but this is not enough for us. As a result, we only use de-identified, anonymized data which do not allow conclusions or reveal specific and identifiable personal details on any individual behind the data.