Generating insights based on data science

We specialize in the analysis of health-related data, from a variety of proprietary and verified data sources representing millions of patients in a wide range of therapeutic areas. We enable our clients to make accurate, informed decisions based on the combination of various data sources and the generation of meaningful, actionable insights.

Generating novel insights from the combination of unique datasets from millions of patients

Our Permea platform delivers extraordinary three-dimensional views of a patient’s life, which we then analyze to develop our Permea Insights and Permea Monitor solutions - providing answers to previously unknown questions

Accelerate data-driven decisions with real-world patient insights

  Real-time data access
  Impactful insights
  Customized analytics


Benefit from innovative data enrichment and proprietary datasets

Using advanced data enrichment methodologies tailored for your specific needs and questions, we maximize the overall value of what we provide. 

Along with our proprietary patient-generated data, we include data from verified sources and providers, such as scientific publications, trial outcomes, medical records, market data, social media insights or HTA results. Every data enrichment is tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Our unique combinations and evaluations enable actionable insights for our life science clients across the fields of R&D, medical, market access, regulatory and commercial.