Patient Monitors and Data Supported Solutions

Using Real-World Evidence to Promote Commercial Opportunities

Patient Monitors and Data Supported Solutions

Create impact with real data

The drug development process is a long, complex, and often arduous operation, with pharmaceutical companies standing to lose or gain substantial sums depending on the efficacy of their commercialization force. By equipping sales teams with the best tools possible – namely, unique insights derived from real-world evidence - drug developers are increasing their product candidate’s likelihood of success, as they can more easily determine the wants, needs and expectations of HCPs as well as patients.

Using reliable and valid data to generate a better understanding of the patient is key in shaking up the drug development sector - something the Permea Commercial Monitor is able to offer organizations looking to create a more concrete picture of their target audience.


What our customers say

„Permea is a perfect solution when it comes to challenges involving processing a lot of data and information. It helped us to efficiently generate relevant insights while saving us time and valuable resources. This allows us to focus on our core activities.“

„Permea helped us to understand the real-world needs of our patients, providing us with the opportunity to listen to what they have to say and take their opinions into consideration.“

„With Permea’s technological and medical expertise, we were able to achieve our goals in a much faster and more efficient way than we had previously been able to realize using other approaches.“