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Population health management

January 24, 2022

What role does data analytics play in population health management?

If you’re no stranger to the world of data analytics, you might already have stumbled across the concept of population health management. While it is a term that gets thrown around a lot in conversations around analytics in healthcare, if you’re not too familiar with ideas within this field, it might not immediately be clear what exactly it is. In this blog post, we’ll explore what population health management actually is, whilst unpacking the role data analytics plays in its execution and employment.

2022-01-17 Tangible changes

January 17, 2022

Which tangible changes can data analytics make to the healthcare sector?

There’s a lot of buzz going around concerning the potential impact the widespread implementation of data analytics would have on the healthcare sector – with many exciting opportunities set to be explored. That being said, a large amount of media coverage surrounding this topic has focused on the use of data analytics in telehealth services, neglecting to highlight some of the key ways in which this technology can benefit other branches of the medical sector. In this blog post, I talk about some of the ways in which data analytics can affect tangible change in real-world settings outside of the digital health sphere.

2021-12-12 Career in data analytics

December 12, 2021

Why do so many people want a career in data analytics, and where should a potential analyst start?

Careers in data analytics can cover a broad spectrum of sectors, from healthcare and medicine to marketing and commerce. There’s a huge range of routes to go down, and the choice to pursue just one might not be the easiest decision to make. Regardless of the industry, there’s been a boom in the number of organizations opting to harness the power of big data to streamline their business – meaning that there are countless options for a potential data analyst to choose from. Gathering actionable and useful insights from mountains of data has become a key part of the success of many companies, with this number getting bigger ever year.

2021-12-07 Centralized and decentralized clinical trials

December 7, 2021

What’s the difference between centralized and decentralized clinical trials?

When we talk about clinical trials, two branches of this process often come up in conversation: centralized and decentralized. If you’re not too familiar with the stages of drug development, the difference between these two concepts might not be immediately clear to you. In this blog post, we’ll explore how these two approaches differ, as well as the positive and negative aspects of both.

2021-11-29 Public health data

November 29, 2021

When is it ethical to use public health data?

The use of public health data is always a sticky subject: when is it ethically and morally right to use somebody else’s personal information, especially when it comes to something as sensitive as medical data? In this article, I’ll talk about the pros and cons of the use of this data, and explore how – when used responsibly – it can change the lives of countless real-world patients.

2021-11-22 Patient care

November 22, 2021

How is data-driven technology changing the landscape of patient care?

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll likely have noticed that we often refer to the potential of data analytics and data-driven technology to streamline the drug development process and improve the everyday lives of countless patients. Whilst this all sounds well and good, it might be a little unclear how exactly this will work in reality – something we’ll unpack in this post.

2021-11-03 Clinical data collection

November 3, 2021

What is clinical data collection and how does it affect real-world patients?

Clinical data collection is a phrase that’s thrown about a lot on the Permea blog. We’re big fans of it, and are eager to explore the myriad ways in which this concept can improve both the clinical trial and research and development processes. But what exactly is clinical data collection, and how does it affect the lives of patients in the real world?

2021-10-27 Data framework

October 27, 2021

How does a healthcare organization build a data framework?

Data is the backbone to a growing number of healthcare organizations, with providers gradually recognizing its huge potential when it comes to improving patient care. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the intricacies of building these data frameworks, and how companies can establish best practices to ensure that their data is held safely and securely, whilst still harnessing its huge potential.

2021-10-12 Clinical trial process

October 12, 2021

What does the future of the clinical trial process look like?

We’ve already talked about the details of how the clinical trial process works on this blog, acknowledging each stage in the process and the current issues facing researchers. As artificial intelligence expands and embeds itself more into the research and development stage of drug production, we’ll likely be seeing this process evolve to incorporate new ideas and concepts.

2021-10-06 Real-World data

October 6, 2021

What do we mean when we refer to “real-world data”, and how can it streamline drug development?

If you’ve taken a look at our website or have been following this blog for a while, you’ll have come across the phrase “real-world data” on a number of occasions. But how exactly is this concept different to “standard data”, and why is it so important to consider it during the research and development phase of drug development?

2021-09-27 Deep learning

September 27, 2021

What exactly is the difference between deep learning and machine learning?

If you’re interested in the world of artificial intelligence, there’s a good chance that you’ll have already come across the terms deep learning and machine learning. Although these two concepts sound relatively similar, they’re not quite the same thing – something we’ll unpack in this blog post.

2021-09-20 Telehealth

September 20, 2021

What is telehealth, and what’s it got to do with data analytics?

If you’re already familiar with the world of artificial intelligence, you might have stumbled across the concept of telehealth. It’s a word that’s often mistakenly used interchangeably in the media with telecare and telemedicine, so it’s understandable if you’re a little confused. In this blog post, we’ll unpack the difference between these three ideas, and establish what all of this has got to do with data analytics.